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Research & Development

High value products with the help of R&D

  • Tripura Biotech Limited - R&D is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research(DSIR).
  • TBL, the best organic fertilizer manufacturer in Hyderabad, recognizes the fact that Research & Development is an imperative component for sustainability, growth and long-term competitive advantage.
  • It is an R&D powered company, focusing its products based on the results of this department and our scientific expertise. TBL has a pool of scientists to transform it into a research-motivated company.
  • The focus areas are value additions to natural carbohydrates & proteins of plants origin, live-stock health-care and feed supplements, and pharmaceutical products.
  • The company's competitive advantage is in encapsulating a large portfolio of accreditations, backed up by the R&D effort that offers several patented non-infringing procedures and intellectual properties.
  • In pursuit of its corporate goals, R&D activities continue to receive high priority in keeping with the company objectives to remain at the technological forefront.