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DESCRIPTION : CAL-LACTIC  is cost effective Bio Technology Formulation and Derivative of Organic acid. Cal-lactic is being manufactured through fermentation process based on naturally available Agricultural commodities such as Sugar Cane, Corn Starch etc.



1) It  prevents Calcium deficiencies and milk fever in pregnant & lactating animals.

2) It  enhances high Milk production.

3) It provides substantial energy value & improves skeletal growth.

4) It enhances Milk % of Fat and % of SNF

5) It will also work as probiotics


DOSAGE:  100 ml per animal per day throughout the lactation period. Animal should be dewormed 3 days before start of using Cal-Latic Liquid.


PACKING: Available in 1 liter & 5 liter packing in outer box of 10 kg.


EXPIRY: 5 years, if stored in dry & cool place.