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DESCRIPTION :  ACID DROP is recommended to mix acid drop with the regular feed to stay in the feed to avoid bacterial contaminations and also to kill the bacteria already present in the feed. ACID DROP will reduce the pH of feed resulting in a lower pH in the stomach or crop, as Acid Drop has the specific ability to penetrate bacteria through the cell wall and kill the harmful bacteria (Bacilli) by interfering with its metabolism.



1) It when present in feed, ensures enhanced farm productivity through improved gut health.

2) Itregulates pH and microbial balance of the Gut, thus stimulates the development of Lactobacilli in the Gut. 

3) It prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

4) It improves palatability of feed, thus improves the growth and FCR. 


DOSAGE : The dosage parameters will depend on the initial pH of Feed.  However, It is recommended to use 1-2kg/Tonne of feed.