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TRIPURA  PUSHKAL contains Total Organic Acids, Major Nutrients, Chelated Nutrients(Proteino-lacto-gluconates) & Organic Carbon.

(Formulated with Activated Organic Nutrients)



  • It involves in photosynthesis for the production of carbohydrates.
  • It helps in branch improvement.
  • It helps in energy storage and cell enlargement and earlier root formation.
  • Its responsible for plants metabolism and stronger root development and disease resistance.
  • It increases the flowering, size, colour & increases the yield.
  • It increases the shelf life period of the product.



DOSAGE of Granulated Fertilizer: 25Kgs / acre (depending on crop)

Dosage will vary as per soil health & Agro climatic conditions

Granules: 25 Kg Pack.

For soil application, this formulation coated/ mixed on granulated carrier material (Enriched Nutritional Mycelium Granules)

DOSAGE of Water Soluble Liquid Fertilizer:

 1) Foliar Application: 3-4ml /litre of water.

 2) Drip Application: 0.25-0.50ml / litre of water.

 3) Fertigation: 1.00-1.50ml / litre of water
      Liquid: 250ml, 500ml, 1Ltr & 5Ltr