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 TRIPURA MICROMIX contains multiple organic compounds (proteino-lacto-gluconate) based chelated Calcium, Magnesium, Boron & all secondary nutrients ( zinc, manganese, ferrous, copper, cobalt, molybdenum), seaweed extract along with Amino acids & Organic carbon.

    (Formulated with Activated Organic Nutrients)



  • It is a unique proteino-lacto-gluconate formulation increases the bio-availability of Ca, Mg, S & all secondary nutrients for plants / crops.
  • It increases the soil fertility through carbon rich proteinates, lactates and gluconates. It improves soil PH and helps in buildup of soil microbial biomass.
  • It need to be applied as basal application into the soil at the time of sowing or can be top dressed at the time of first irrigation in all plants/crops.
  • It is in liquid and granular form and is suitable for soil and foliar application for all plants/crops.



DOSAGE of Granulated Fertilizer: 25Kgs / acre (depending on crop)

Dosage will vary as per soil health & Agro climatic conditions

Granules: 25 Kg Pack.

For soil application, this formulation coated/ mixed on granulated carrier material (Enriched Nutritional Mycelium Granules)

DOSAGE of Water Soluble Liquid Fertilizer:

 1) Foliar Application: 3-4ml /litre of water.

 2) Drip Application: 0.25-0.50ml / litre of water.

 3) Fertigation: 1.00-1.50ml / litre of water
      Liquid: 250ml, 500ml, 1Ltr & 5Ltr