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TRIPURA BHOOMI SUDHAR  A balanced (organic) NUTRITIONAL manure formulated with all the Major  & Micronutrients which are totally bio available and easily absorbable by the crop/ plants. Useful for soil conditioning & amendment and is substitute / replacement for Cow dung Manure (Gobar Khad) or any other manures. A unique formulation with Mycellenium (dead cells of Bacteria) with high % of available Nutrients


AVAILABLE PACK SIZES & DOSAGE: TRIPURA BHOOMI SUDHAR is available in 25 Kg packing and the normal dosage is 25-50 Kg per acre.

For soil application, this formulation coated/ mixed on granulated carrier material (Enriched Nutritional Mycelium Granules)

Dosage will vary as per soil health & Agro climatic conditions

DOSAGE of Water Soluble Liquid Fertilizer:
  Liquid form with recommended dose of 2-3 ml per liter of water and is available in 250ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml & 5000 ml.

Highly suitable for Foliar / Drip / Fertigation applications.