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PROTAMIN is derived through biotechnology (Enzyme Hydrolysis) process, which consists of Amino Acids, Electrolytes, Bio-available Calcium Gluconate, Enzymes, Carbohydrates, Essential Minerals & Vitamins - in unique nature of water dissolvable conditions.

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  • It Increases the rate of weight gain. Compatible with all types of feed. 
  • It is a nutrient, safe & Non - Toxic product. Provides Bioavailable Gluconate, which provides potency & strength.
  • It Improves maintenance of life process compounds, thereby it provides better livability.

CHICKEN: Broilers: 50ml/1000 birds per day for last 3 weeks of the batch.

Chicks: 20ml/1000 birds per day.

Growers: 30ml/1000 birds per day.

PACKING: PROTAMIN is available in Lt., 5Lt., & 220Lts.