Research and development

At Tripura Research & Development is passion for the Young & Dynamic Promoter Mr K Phani Raj Kiran (1.00 MT per day for research activities) and accordingly, he has established first of its kind Granulation plant which is first in Country to manufacture range of nutritional Bio – Organic Granulated fertilizers with Rs 850.00 lacs ($1.20 million) investment as R & D granulation plant in 2014 and proceedings of R&D plant production is being used for seed marketing to develop marketing.


Later on the promoters have imported another Granulation plant from Germany with capital investment of Rs. 70.00 lacs ($110 K) for Research purposes to produce livestock feed supplements for Poultry, Aqua and other livestock segments and the research is under process for development of certain innovative and chelated feed supplements and proceedings of R&D plant production is being used for seed marketing to develop marketing.


Beyond successful R & D establishment of innovative Granulation plants for multi-purpose applications, the promoters have established large granulation plant (100 MT per day) with Rs 1725 lacs ($2.65 million) investment which is just commissioned successfully as seed marketing done from Research based Granulation plant was well accepted by the consumers including corporate fertilizer companies.


Later the Chief promoter, Mr Raj has decided to enter into “life sciences and Bio technology” areas which is now being established with major investments to create Research establishment with “state of the art fermentation based pilot plant facilities” from lab scale to 150 liters scale operation for R&D purposes and this facility will be supported with 1500 liters fermentation unit also for further large scale research studies.


The investments are flowing-in for establishing Research based Fermentation based facilities and recently imported even Atomic Absorbing photo spectrometer (AAS) for Research laboratory.


The main aim of Research & Development activities is to focus on multi segment activities with natural and non GMO products useful for Agriculture, Livestock segments and then Food Ingredients, Bulk Drug Pharmaceutical products as per FDA norms with International standard facilities with Global certifications.


The another unique feature of the company is that, the technologies being adopted with in-house Research Expertise is that there will be ZERO pollution from all production units as solid or liquid waste will be converted.


The main AIM for the Tripura is to provide high value addition for non-edible grade agricultural commodities and improve living standards of poor and small land holding farmers as social corporate responsibility by removing middle man and buy non edible grade in-puts directly from farmers with better price.