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DESCRIPTION : Specially Formulated CLG –LIQUID FEED SUPPLEMENT for better absorption of Calcium for Layers / Growers / Breeders for better quality & quantity Egg production, CLG LIQUID FEED SUPPLEMENT is totally Bio-available and completely water soluble formulation and is being made available for the first time in India.

CLG LIQUID FEED SUPPLEMENT formulation contains Calcium Lactate Gluconate as a source of Calcium & Energy driven Glucose with an ideal combination of essential chelated ingredients like Magnesium, Phosphorous & Vitamin D3. It also contains carbohydrates, electrolytes, amino acids and other essential minerals.

    It increase egg production.
    It substantially reduces Egg breakage and reduces thin shelled eggs.
    It helps to prevent canabolism.
    It will help to produce strong and top quality Egg shell.
    It cures Rickets and Osteomalacia and corrects Hypocalcemia.
    It improves skeletal growth.
    It effectively combats the summer stress.
    It builds up resistance and improves feed utilization.
    It will also work as probiotics.

DOSAGE:  100 ml. for 100 birds per day, to be mixed with water from 16th week till the end of the laying cycle.

PACKING:  The formulation is available in 5 litre packing’s in outer box of 10 liters.

EXPIRY: 5 years if stored in dry and cool places.