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HARIALI  RAJA is unique Formulation to address Nutrients deficiency for all Crops. This formulation is made available in both “Water soluble (Foliar / Fertigation / Dip purposes) and Granules (for soil applications) forms”.

HARIALI RAJA is based on mixture of “Vegetables & Cereal" Proteins which are being hydrolyzed with Enzymatic conversion to manufacture Protein Hydrolysates (Amino acids).

HARIALI  RAJA is a potential formulation as Crop Booster to enhance farm productivity substantially and also to reduce Nitrogen / Urea applications to the extent of 25-30%.

HARIALI  RAJA Crop specific formulations are also available such as Cotton special,  Vegetables & Chillies special,  Orchards & Fruits special and Oil seeds & Pulses special etc., for the benefit of Farming community.

- Liquid  Formulation: Apply 3-4 ml per liter of water & apply as foliar application.
- Soil application Granules: 10-15 Kgs per acre of land