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HARIALI  MICROMIX is unique Formulation to address Nutrient deficiency for all crops. This formulation is made available in both “Water soluble (Foliar / Fertigation / Drip purposes) and Granulated (for soil applications) forms”.

These formulations are as potential as its credit for any type of Calcium/Magnesium/All Others based fertilizers. TBL has lot of successful stories of enhancing farm productivity better than (or) similar to inorganic & chemical based calcium/Magnesium/All Others based combination formulations with HARIALI MICROMIX, Nationally and Internationally.

This is very unique total Nutraceutical formulation which is a combination of all Major and Minor Nutrients. The importance and advantages of each Nutrient present in HARIALI MICROMIX are as follows:

CALCIUM - Constituent of cell wall. Needed for structural integrity of chromosomes, cell membranes & cell division

MAGNESIUM - Structural constituent of chlorophyll. Essential for Nucleic acid synthesis

POTASSIUM - Activates maturity process. Essential in mitochondrial & cell membrane permeability.

ZINC - Important during early plant growth and maturity. Essential in several enzyme systems & in formation of auxins which regulate growth.

MANGANESE - Important for growth regulation. Photosynthesis & Chlorophyll production and oxidation / reduction processes.

FERROUS - Photosynthesis & chlorophyll production. Converts CO2 to plant energy. Enzyme systems.

COPPER - Important part of enzyme systems. Regulator of important life processes in plants. Chlorophyll production.

PHOSPOHORUS - Main constituent of Nucleic acids (DNA, RNA). Essential for energy transfer.

BORON - Helps in cell division and cell differentiation.

MOLYBDNIUM - Main component of enzymes which reduce Nitrogen.

HARIALI MICROMIX formulation has proven to enhance farm productivity substantially (35-40%) for all Crops, TUBER crops in particular.

- Liquid Formulations: Apply 3-4 ml per liter of water as Foliar application.
- Soil Application Formulation: 25-30 Kgs per acre of land.