Nutritional Agri In-puts 1

TBL INNOVATIONS: After realizing the limitations of all existing agricultural inputs and considering technological developments worldwide, TBL has introduced innovative Organic Plant Nutrients for the benefit of farming community, after years of Research, with Bio-Availability concept based on Eco-Friendly Fermentation(biotechnology) process using Cereals and Carbohydrates as inputs (raw materials for manufacturing activity).

The concept is to utilize naturally available Farm productive raw materials for the process of manufacturing various formulations for Agriculture not only to meet the nutrients requirements but also to enhance farm productivity proportionate with inputs consumption.

There is natural time taking mechanism for absorbing Plant Nutrients from soil by ageing crops (say 30-45 days age Crops) and thus nutrients deficiency symptoms normally occur. Though there are soluble nutrients available for foliar / fertigation / drip applications to meet nutrients deficiencies, but these are in inorganic form with limitations of availability. Hence TBL has introduced various formulations in both “Granulated & Water Soluble” forms, which are totally Bio-Available and readily absorbable by all crops to supplement nutrient deficiency at a faster rate than (normally available) Inorganic Plant Nutrients.

In certain areas, Soil health is already degraded due to excessive use of inorganic/chemical Fertilizers. Therefore TBL Organic Agri input formulations can be used for INTEGRATED applications along with Inorganic & Chemical fertilizers to gradually enhance Soil health & Organic Carbon. This exercise will facilitate for introducing 100% Organic Agriculture practices at later stage.

TBL has introduced the following innovative formulations, which are Certified Organic  Agri Inputs” (Certified by such agencies who are recognized by APEDA, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and are also recognized by certifying agencies of various other developed Countries) for sustainable agriculture.
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